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Bias-Proofing Agencies

Marketing a transformative program
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The Learning Development team’s challenge was to convince member’s that rethinking their approach to how they ran campaigns was not only the right thing to do, but would give them a competitive advantage. The goal was for the Campaign Enlightenment Program to become a standard curriculum for agencies looking to remove bias and extend the reach and impact of their campaigns. The program needed to be presented as an investment that would pay off financially by making agencies more effective and more inclusive.


A cohesive branding system for an organizational level certification and it's two program.An Animated introduction and overview of the course's topics for marketing and promotion.


The 4A’s Learning Development Team successfully launched a new program, equipped with a distinct visual identity and supporting graphics. This visual clarity effectively communicated the program's significance, compelling 4A’s Members to enroll. The launch was successful, garnering sufficient sign-ups to proceed.


In response to the imperative need for inclusive practices, the 4A’s Learning Team conceived "The Enlightened Agency," a comprehensive two-part certification program. Its purpose: to equip agencies with the tools to foster inclusivity among employees and in their client work. This groundbreaking certification comprises two pivotal programs: The Workplace Enlightenment Certification and the Campaign Enlightenment Certification. All three demanded unique identities that could harmonize as a cohesive family. Crucially, each certification warranted a distinctive digital accreditation badge for display on agency websites and LinkedIn profiles.

Striving to capture the essence of diversity and inclusion in a positive and empowering manner, I arrived at a compelling solution—a flower-like logo mark. Fashioned from an arc of overlapping circles, this design embodies unity within diversity, reflecting the core principles of The Enlightened Agency Certification Program.

4A's Enlightened Agency Logo
4A's Workplace Enlightenment and Campaign Enlightenment logos


A key objective of the course was to facilitate accreditation, positioning it as integral industry training. The 4A’s Learning Team aspired for the course not only to enhance skill sets but also to elevate careers. To spotlight alumni achievements, we opted to design a badge for display on website landing pages and LinkedIn profiles, effectively publicizing their newfound skills.

With no budget for stock video, voiceover, or additional assets, I turned these constraints into creative advantages. The result is a sleek and minimal design. Leveraging simple geometric shapes, crisp typography, and a limited color palette. I crafted animations synchronized with an upbeat, rhythmic piece of music. The typography is timed to both the music and a comfortable reading pace.

Storyboards for promotional video for 4A's Campaign Enlightenment Program

To enhance script emphasis, I strategically introduced simple visual metaphors at key moments. Even during static intervals designed for easy reading, quick background movements were applied to sustain viewer engagement. This approach transformed limitations into a unique and dynamic visual narrative.