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Setting the Stage for a

Tentpole Event

Creating a brand system for 4A's Decisions Conference.
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Amidst the COVID lockdown, all 4A's events transitioned to remote formats. Eager to reconnect in person, 4A's sought to reinstate the value of networking and elevate sponsor experiences. Addressing industry concerns post-lockdown, the challenge was to deliver a fresh and spectacular event, justifying a higher admission fee than remote editions.

The overarching theme, "Perpetual Disruption," guided the creation of assets in harmony with 4A's and Decision event branding, ensuring alignment with this year's focus.


Event marketing zeroed in on content and presenter expertise. Email and social media highlighted how attendees would gain valuable insights, education, and advice in uncertain times. The messaging emphasized the event as a source of guidance and solutions.

Signage facilitated easy navigation, reinforcing 4A's as the host. Motion graphics vividly depicted AI, Privacy, Gaming integrations, and Talent retention, aligning with the theme.


With a strong turnout, the event space exuded a modern and open ambiance. Floor and wall banners, video monitors, signs, and graphics imparted a contemporary and professional feel. The unmistakable message: 4A's was back in-person, delivering actionable insights and valuable connections to its members and attendees.

4A's Decisions wall decal


The 4A’s, an association for Advertising and Marketing Agencies, curates events and content tailored for individual agency departments. Their mission is to be an indispensable resource, ensuring members' relevance, competitiveness, and providing essential resources for growth.

Decisons Event

Decisions, an annual event by 4A’s, addresses broad industry topics, primarily targeting senior roles while offering valuable content for various agency employees. The event typically explores themes in Media, Data, Privacy, and technology.


Elevate the existing logo to embody the theme of 'General Disruption' and transform a plain white event space into the vibrant 4A's Decisions event.

The Logo

To modernize the logo with historical recognition, I removed the tagline for flexibility and introduced a gradient across letters, symbolizing transition and evolution.

We adopted the tagline 'Perpetual Disruption' to capture the industry's current turbulence amid social, economic shifts, and emerging technology

4A's Decisions Logo

I paired the logo with a glitchy texture as visual reference to the disruption theme.

I kept the color palette simple with two primary colors and three secondary ones, all selected for the 4A's main branding palette.

4A's Decisions Palette

I created some simple glitchy animated gifs for use on the site and on social media.

Animated 4A's Decisions Logo
Social Media Marketing 

I created templates and individual assets to enable the social media manager to create their own graphics in Canva.

4A's Decisions Social Media Posts

Given the spacious, white event space, we maximized its potential by strategically applying vinyl signage throughout the attendee journey. This comprehensive approach included wall vinyl, desk wraps, pull-up banners, mounted posters, and monitor graphics. Each element was strategically placed to enhance the overall visual experience and guide attendees seamlessly through the event space.

4A's Decisions Entry Way Signage
4A's Decsision signage
4A's Decisions main session entry way
4A's Decisions main session entry way
Motion Graphics

In the primary event room, a panoramic 3 HD-screen display created a visually impactful backdrop, setting the tone for the entire conference. To distinguish each shift in the day's agenda, we crafted a dynamic glitchy logo animation. This innovative approach added a layer of engagement, ensuring a visually striking and memorable experience for attendees throughout the event.

Sponsor Content Animations

Additionally, I crafted streamlined end animations for all sponsored content. These animations, complemented by sound design and mnemonic tones, served to subconsciously guide and focus the audience on the content. The intentional use of audio elements heightened the overall impact, ensuring a seamless and immersive transition for the audience.